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Screenshot of the block content in back office
Hardcoded site logo in a Block's WYSIWYG
Hall of fame

Bob: "I need a logo in the header. Can I use the built-in System Branding Block provided by Drupal?"

Johnny: "What?! We should hardcode it directly in a WYSIWYG..."


Please guys, don't do that again...

A matrix computer screen
Développer hyper rapidement en local avec Lando
Open Source

Ma session réalisée au DrupalCamp Montréal 2018 sur le workflow rapide pour Drupal 7 et 8 avec Composer, NPM et Lando.

Two look-alike birds
How to safely override or extend other services' methods in Drupal 8

So you want to edit a specific piece of code provided by a class from Drupal's core or from a contrib module?


Someone clicking on something
Comment soumettre automatiquement les filtres exposés d'une vue dans Drupal

Quelques lignes de Javascript suffisent pour filtrer automatiquement toutes vos vues.

Panier de fraises
How to render Add to cart form programmatically with Drupal Commerce 2

Basically, we use the great Lazy Builder provided by Commerce Cart module. Easy peazy!

Multilingual world
How to filter Drupal 8 menu by current language

Menus are very specials in Drupal 8 - and sometimes very frustrated too!
Learn how to filter menu items by the current user's language in Drupal 8.

Aerial view of a zigzag mountain road.
Me, Myself and I

Me in a few words.