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Cheesebar is a marketing website built on top of Drupal 8 and Acquia Content Hub. Its main purpose is to enhance brand and product awareness among the North American and Canadian market. It also provides valuable content alongside beautiful pictures to visitors looking for advices about cheeses degustation and recipes ideas.

Main characteristics of this website are as follow:

  • Multilingual French and English
  • Easy landing page builder with Paragraphs
  • Responsive design and responsive images

I was the Technical lead on this project run at Appnovation for the Agropur Dairy Cooperative -  dairy industry leader headquartered in Québec, Canada. As so, I have been involved on this project from day one.

Main responsabilities:

  • Presale: ROM and estimates to answer the RFP
  • Discovery: estimate, scope requirements and propose technical solutions. 
  • Setup: setting up the Continuous Integration process on top of Bitbucket + Jenkins + Acquia Cloud
  • Build: develop backend functionalities and responsive front end theming - true fullstack work on this!
  • Delivery: responsible of code review, merges and deployments

I have worked hand in hand with the product owners on the client side, our Business Analyst internally and an external design agency trying to narrow scopes and to build realistic backlog.

Main challenges:

  • Integrate to a Digital Platform - aka Content Hub - designed to serve as a central content repository
  • Built reusable front end components and a back end toolkit to feed all other Agropur digital properties
  • Standardize the local setup to ease the work and collaboration with remote developers - I've choosen Lando :)

Acquia Content Hub was not fully functional at that time so I sometimes had to either patch it or to work closely with the Acquia product team in order to move things forward. Additionally, the site would integrate Acquia Lift to personalize the user journey. This was not really a technical challenge but it requires the developer team to follow good practice.

There as some examples of my contribution to the development of this module:


I'm very proud of that project as we've finally managed to deliver everything on time with maximum custom satisfaction.