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Desarrollar hyper rapido en local con Lando
Open Source

Mi sesión realizada en el DrupalCamp Montreal 2018 acerca del workflow alta velocidad para Drupal 7 y 8 con Composer, NPM y Lando.

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How to safely override or extend other services' methods in Drupal 8

So you want to edit a specific piece of code provided by a class from Drupal's core or from a contrib module?


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Cómo someter automáticamente los filtros de vistas en Drupal

Solo necesitas unas pocas líneas de Javascript para filtrar automáticamente todas tus vistas.

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How to render Add to cart form programmatically with Drupal Commerce 2

Basically, we use the great Lazy Builder provided by Commerce Cart module. Easy peazy!

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How to filter Drupal 8 menu by current language

Menus are very specials in Drupal 8 - and sometimes very frustrated too!
Learn how to filter menu items by the current user's language in Drupal 8.

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How I became a web developer

I a few word, it's been a mix of luck and sweat.