In a few words...

I'm a self-taught fullstack web developer. I would describe myself as an eternal curious, constantly eager to learn something new.

During the day at work, I create websites with Drupal and Javascript + a lot of filter coffee. At night, I wear my hat and whip and I play with Python.

I love organized things and to work with people passionated about what they do.

I'm also a chess addict - come and challenge me!

Why I love what I do

[I'm still writing this section]

Note for myself:

I pay particular attention to respect of coding standards and code quality.

I am also very interested in SEO and machine-learning since very recently.


What else I would like to do

[I'm still writing this section]

Note for myself:






1 Territorial Marketing is the art of planning human activities and territories development in relation to tourism, leisure and transportation basically. Read more on this website.

2 A DMC is a Destination Management Company. Read more on Wikipedia.