This is my portfolio. You can see all the projects I am currently working on or I have been involved in.

Click on an item to see the full detail. I try to give the more details possible but most of the time my projects are run within an organization or as a contractor and they are subject to a Privacy agreement - so I can't really tell much about the technologies nor the people behind it. 

Feel free to contact me anytime if you need further details about one project or if you would like to discuss about your own project. I'll be glad to share ideas or to make you benefit from my expertise. I might also refer you to some friends of mine if I think they can help you. 

A flying karateka
Drupal Agile

A side project to develop an open source alternative to Jira for Agile software development.

A fun roller coaster named Turbo.
Turbo base theme

A custom Drupal 8 base theme for easy and fast development. Work fast. Have fun. Get Turbo.

Screenshot of Drupal Pyramid homepage
Drupal Pyramid

A reusable Drupal 8 Composer project template. Lets you kickstart Drupal projects with two clicks.

Screenshot of homepage

A multilingual Drupal 8, highly flexible Landing Page builder and contextualized content with Acquia Lift.

Screenshot of Cheesebar hompage

A marketing website built on top of Drupal 8 and Acquia Content Hub for Agropur Dairy Cooperative.

Screenshot of Avalere landing page.
Avalere 360

Back end and front end improvements to this great Drupal-based analytics and marketing service.

Screenshot of the PetsPlusUs website homepage
Pets Plus Us

A beautiful Drupal theme with multi-step and persistent online quote form. Animal love here!

Screenshot of Tipiak website homepage.

Drupal 8 marketing website. Multilingual achieve with Domain Access module suite. Oh yeah...

Homepage of Bandai Namco website
Bandai Namco

An exciting website built on Drupal 7 and Solr for one the famous Bandai brand.

Screenshot of a page of the Lacteol website

An extremely flexible Drupal 8 website with extensive use of Paragraphs for fast Landing Pages.

Screenshot of homepage

Work for the emblematic French national transport operator, including Drupal, 6, 7 & 8 and Java.

Screenshot of the plugin page on WordPress
WP MailChimp

A really popular plugin for WordPress. Lets you embed newsletters in your site.