Screenshot of the block content in back office
Hardcoded site logo in a Block's WYSIWYG
Hall of fame

Bob: "I need a logo in the header. Can I use the built-in System Branding Block provided by Drupal?"

Johnny: "What?! We should hardcode it directly in a WYSIWYG..."


Please guys, don't do that again...

A matrix computer screen
Blazing fast local development with lando
Open Source

My session done at DrupalCamp Montreal 2018 about a high speed workflow for Drupal 7 and 8 with Composer, NPM and Lando.

Two look-alike birds
How to safely override or extend other services' methods in Drupal 8

So you want to edit a specific piece of code provided by a class from Drupal's core or from a contrib module?


Someone clicking on something
How to automatically submit Views Exposed Filters in Drupal

You just need a few lines of Javascript to automatically filter all your Views in Drupal.

Panier de fraises
How to render Add to cart form programmatically with Drupal Commerce 2

Basically, we use the great Lazy Builder provided by Commerce Cart module. Easy peazy!

Multilingual world
How to filter Drupal 8 menu by current language

Menus are very specials in Drupal 8 - and sometimes very frustrated too!
Learn how to filter menu items by the current user's language in Drupal 8.

Aerial view of a zigzag mountain road.
Me, Myself and I

Me in a few words.