Twitter API Block module page on
Twitter Block

Display your tweets in Drupal throught Twitter API.

Screenshot of Commerce Print module page
Commerce Print

Lightweight utility module to help users to print Commerce Orders as PDF file.

A matrix computer screen
Blazing fast local development with lando
Open Source

My session done at DrupalCamp Montreal 2018 about a high speed workflow for Drupal 7 and 8 with Composer, NPM and Lando.

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Flag Rating

Flag is a wonderful Drupal module that let you easily create Call to Action buttons with option for being activate or inactive. It sounds simple but yet it's very powerful.

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Menu Manipulator

Fix a bug in Drupal core with a custom module to filter Menus by language.

A flying karateka.
Drupal Agile

A side project to develop an open source alternative to Jira for Agile software development.

A fun roller coaster named Turbo.
Turbo theme

A custom Drupal 8 base theme for easy and fast development. Work fast. Have fun. Get Turbo.

Screenshot of the Drupal Pyramid dot org website with instruction about the quick install.
Drupal Pyramid

A reusable Drupal 8 Composer project template.

Screenshot of the WordPress MailChimp Campaign plugin card
WP MailChimp

A really popular plugin for WordPress. Lets you embed newsletters in your site.

Screenshot of the plugin page on WordPress
Custom Login

This plugin let you customize your WP login screen with your logo or any other image from your Media Library.