How I became a web developer

After an exciting master degree in Geography and Tourism in Paris at the University of Paris I - Pantheon Sorbonne where I was introduced to many scientific disciplines including cartography, sociology, statistics and even territorial marketing1, I found my happiness in doing web development in 2010 with the discovery of WordPress.

I started to code - I should say to break :) - things in WordPress (3.0) and FileMaker 12 in the summer of that year.

I was working for a French DMC1 in Mallorca for a few months when I was given the opportunity to develop several websites to showcase travel offers for the next season. At that time, I didn't know much about programing, database nor web design but I received support from my dad - who is a former IT specialist - and other great folks from ProVoyages VacancesRefineriaWeb and Stackoverflow all along the way of my learning. 

I spent countless nights without sleep, playing around with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Most of the time it ended in the morning with me and my hundredth cup of coffee trying to fix the things I had be broken the whole night.

It has been so challenging and exhausting... but incredibly exciting and fun! 

Since then I've worked in several companies worldwide - including Hong Kong, Spain, France and Canada.

I am now experienced in many different technologies and frameworks but I've specialized myself in Open Source software programming. I have learned so much thanks to the open source communities, both technically and intellectually. 

These days, I work on creating beautiful and efficient websites in Drupal and web apps in Javascript - playing with Angular, React and VueJS.

Being a web developer It's an endless learning - and it's precisely why I'm glad I became one.